Theres a dabilitating joy coursing through my veins raining through the training wheels of science and subjectivity. And i am in the middle, at the alpha-omega 3 acids of nutritional spirit. of spiritual food snowing from the frost bitten sky. skying and sliding and sneezing like acid bits of beauty and truth. i saw the truth and it was wearing the disguise of disillusionment and dis-wonderment. and there was wonder, sitting by the stream of sanity, petting its new fir coat- the skins and wet hides of hiding animals. the sanctuary of sound. and i hear this beat, this furry strong heat icing out of the wind- it’s buried in the temperature and its swelling around our swollen lips, our tongue touched eyelids and our woven weird webs. we are the wind-bearers. we are the truth torturers. we are the twin birth of duality and the oneness of an open heart. of a flowing start, a rebirth, a re-death and a re-membering. 


i found the fingerless gloves

sitting in the snow, sliding in the sand, sweetening in the sound of 

your syllables, your surreptitious surrender to the sun.

let me be everything. let me be true. let me be winter wind. let me snow. let me be everything all at once. let me be here. now. always.


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