the body soul mind connection is all one is all everything is all true. THAT is it. that is what the divine is- CONNECTION. any form of connection, to anything. and thus comes love.
our words are our magic, we need to give them more weight.
our rituals are our souls, we need to fill them with meaning.
our religions are dead, resting on the dregs of old, retired, relentless words. drained of power, sucking the poetry from ourselves, relying on trite patriarchal concepts of the need to force fear down the throat of our holy bodies. EVERYTHING in life should be sacred. our spiritual force should be ALIVE. our sacred rituals should enliven our very souls into action, into power, into creative chaos.

praise chaos and creation. and praise, yes, that’s the right word. for it creates a level of awareness which engenders a vibrant thanksgiving. a great giving of mind. a level of mind and body connection which is tunneled through the imaginary realms of collective unconscious which connect us all. which free us all. and pray for the power to appreciate. be careful and be AWARE of what you praise and why…what you give your love to, your adoration, is then filled and endowed with a certain magical significance. do not give power to the soulless fragments of plastic dread which fill our neurons with deadness.

honor and be true to the unbelievable power of belief and of mind to shape your very reality, and thus the reality of all those around you. be TRUE to it. find YOUR truth, for your reasons, based on your sacred path through the dense jungle of your body and mind. the more honest and truth your belief, the powerful your mind, the more magic your thoughts. and thoughts not only change the world- they ARE the world. this cosmic breathing that is tunneling through the stars wants to hear our dreams…so make them BEAUTIFUL.

i cannot fix this terrible terrain. the way i will give back to this earth is by honoring the sacred and unimaginable gifts of life i have been given. by recognizing that my creative powers crackle with flame, that my breath is burning with the ash of the stars, that my sight is seeing the millionth arrangement of the most miraculous assortment of mind/matter jumble that organically flew out of one infinitesimal spark 13 billion years ago. honor the desires of the billions of neurons dancing and singing within you. yeah, maybe its cosmic consciousness. maybe that’s fucking FANTASTIC.

be ecstatic. be alive. be aware. be awake. be. and be INDIVIDUATED.

my brain is cold, but this fire inside me is cackling with weightless freedom.

open open open. give give give. live, lust, linger and lick the edges off the top of the wide, wishful, whimsical world. FUCK yes we are starshine and earth bones. being part of this wheeling great mother is an unimaginable, undefinable, infinitely majestic miracle. so fucking wake up and greet the STAR that is giving us shattering patterns of light.

roll out of bed and let your bones chatter with matter. grumble out the godless and feed the firetraps tingling inside your truth.

i worship art.

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