“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves.” -Carl Jung


Visualize the universe. Imagine your life. Hold on. Be patient. Find the love buried within the bones of all those around you. See in ten thousand directions all at the same time. Look into the hearts of those you love to find your true eyes. Look into the eyes of those looking at you to feel the soul you have given, lost and found. 


“The most important thing in this world is to learn to give out love, and let it come in.” -Morrie Schwartz


Give and give back and feel the tide turning, the moon yearning, the young learning. Feel the underside of hell scratching through your surface and know that its fire is light. Revolve in the newness you are at any given moment in the indefinite flux of life. Revel in the movement of momentous metamorphoses. 


“Love is saying, ‘I feel differently’ instead of ‘you’re wrong.'” -Unknown


Consult the deep knowing for all things on all steps on this path. Trust the deep, silent, violet intuition buried deep under your ribcage. 



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