and trust and trust and trust the seething, scarring universe as is casts you down and around through the murk and the mayhem of the slinking caverns of chaos and connection that it wants to dream you into. and believe and breathe into the mess of twisting tunnels of force that want to crack open your spleen and twist body around your brain. and soar through the floating heights of heroic dance and dream that your life will always be, for one infinite instant, a breath of absolute aliveness. and follow that aliveness all the way back through awareness, to awakeness…back to rebirth.
and sing and stream and steal away all the sunlight that has been gifted to you. speak and shriek and with the pummeling torso of your throat, cry out with all the irredescant, painful joy of being formed. be formed of the formlessness and curl back into your body as if it is all there is. as if this mound of flesh and fresh bones are the only things you will ever know. 
glow. the stars have been waiting to welcome you back. pulse. the heart of the earth beats brightly amongst the moonshine. freely, fearlessly, captivatingly immerse yourself in the hum of the strumming sounds that wisk you into reality. that wish you into being. be be be and at the end of your days and the top of your craze…dream.
dream that you might see. 
dance with blood, with the flood of the universe.

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