And yes, the moon is hanging on my shoulder. And yes, the dust is made of stars. And yes, with every fiber of my being I want to cast it away. Cast it all away and just float out to sea. No society, no aching angel voices, no tension in my shoulders. I want to dissolve into tears and flow into a river. I’m ready to go. I’m ready to float, to fly, to flop. To reach with everything I have to be pure. And for that desire to be OK. Not to be weird, or on the edges, or hippie, or demanding. I want to be with the land, living off the land, eating the fruits of the land and for that not be labeled as something…for that not to be STRANGE. THAT is normal. THAT is how we were born into this world. We are so distorted, manipulated, configured, calculated and contorted. I have no desire anymore for the blinding lights and the bursts of styrofoam sensation. I want the clarity of blue sky. And I want warmth and light enough that I can breathe outside. I dread. I dread the coming months. And yes, I’m a dreamer. But I am so holistically normal and true. This is me. It is not a statement.


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