Let love win. Let love rip your heart to shreds and devour you whole. Let love taste you, chase you and erase you. Let it square off your shoulders and dust off your fear. Let it blossom in your veins and tip through the radiance of your body. 

I am so eternally grateful. This unending, infinite sensation of thanks that fills my entire body and almost sends me to tears. So grateful for air, for life…that humans perceive this great illusory dream for whatever reason I will never understand. I am so grateful that I am grateful. I am grateful to be awake, aware, alive. I am grateful to have a heart- to be unafraid to love. I am grateful to be loved. To be able to stand center stage, stare out into a black abyss of an audience and fill an entire theatre with my voice. To be able to move my body, to know that my body is full of youth. To be able to wake up tomorrow and know that I get to stand on stage under the blinding lights and speak. And that that has meaning. And that meaning has beauty. And to understand…even the tiniest fraction of this infinite universe as meaningful…for even a moment. There comes magic. Magic is everywhere. In everything. In every glow of every stage light and it every warm recognition of a soul to another soul through a look of the eyes. We are love. We are one being. We are the earth and all her spluttering words and attempts to say her own name. We are firelight. We are star stuff. We are love. I does not exist. I am only part of the great We that we all are. And this show is a gift. To me. To the audience. And to magic.

This is a transformation. A metamorphosis. Into love. The full awareness of complete, whole love.

“Let me not outlive my own capacity to love.” – Metamorphoses


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