rain rain go away

pound the pulse, flip the switch, eat the letterhead and forcefeed the collective need

for the speed of sound and the drip of devlish 

egged sized eyeballs laced with nothing but sight

and the sight of flight, flying off the handle and the handle on the grip

on the hold of reality that is nothing but reality-bits assorted

in an edible arrangement. enough to be devoured. to be rehearsed and showered

with praise, adoration and rain. 

and the rain, the shine, the snow the slither of the silver sliver 

of curtains of moon

the beams of reams of reeling paper

and poetry that once meant moon.

let the rain drizzle me back to the creasing crinkle of my 

nose wrinkles. let the rain aim me straight at my straight and narrow

shallow and shady space

the one where i’m safe from the rain. the one where the rain is safe from me. for me. 


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