She wasn’t exactly sure where and she wasn’t exactly sure how, but she had the sudden overwhelming feeling that she had just been born into a world of words. Into a pile of steaming celebrity of sounds, and a jolting thrust from the earth to speak silences and greet loudlessnesses. Everywhere about was everyone and everything and inside the hidden aura of air that seemed to be breathing into her, there was a faint giggle of a mouth that wanted to want. Before the air and particles of love swarming around her swollen flesh could make it to the center of her center, a great thrilling humming began to sound itself around the tip of her tongue and all at once she knew she was feeling feeling and that in quite a many million breaths from now, she might understand the great meaning of her own comprehension.

Then the world collided with her breath.

And all once, and all at last…there was the Everything tunnel funneling her out of her freshly laundered awakening, back to the great warm swell of the Dreaming. She could feel her body within its own chamber of air, but she wasn’t standing, sitting or laying, she was gliding- purposeful and less and more with great wisps of tender hair streaking out in brilliant hues behind her like a veil. There were familiar faces there, or what could have been, at one point in time, something resembling a resemblance. And upon reveling in the aperture of her eyes, she released into the watching of the wild unfolding of the folded up Earth. First it lay motionless before her, in the blackened solitude of all things winged and waiting…then it effortlessly began to flap, or something to began to flap it…but either way the undulation was enough to kick her feet into flying. The Wind raised its treble cleff mouth and heaved a delicate sigh of relief at the recognition that someone other than itself was flying as well…and this, she was sure, was the first word reeling its hands and eyes out of the spectacle of assorted Earth shapes she felt herself gazing at. She could see the word before she could hear it, and before she could remember it, she could feel it. The Great And sputtered out of the bumbling blue heart of the mass, and with an instantaneous swirl of glides, shudders and eyes she felt the Merge…the swiveling sweet embrace of melt of matter and the cooking heat of the sweat of submersion. There were eyes in all directions and tumbling tunes of unformed musical hymns…a swaddling sense of sensational seeing…and then silence. And then all there was was eyes and the light being captivated through their discussion of sight.

The gazing great orb of flattened Earth dough began to tremble from some hidden center (or perhaps it came from all sides all at once, that was quite indiscernible)…mirrored panels lifted off in quick succession and formed a sideways ring of serene sight. Dappled edges of slicing white light bounced and murmured to one another

The Great Measuring rulers tossed themselves suddenly off the edges of the plateau and began to stretch their weary, flexing bones as far as the edge of the edge, then began to double, triple, weave and connect at the seams and the sides, tossing about in a reverie of relation.



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