And I keep asking to the stars, begging to the people in my soul, watching this great universe story unfold…I keep shocking myself awake asking how have I never seen the world before this moment? A thousand seeming times a day I drift motionless within the void of dreams slandering any sense of sensability that always hung trying to speak semblences to me.

Today is a day I only just began to find myself in and this eternity is a swallowing shrine of a thousand different faces, facades and little walls sprouting new spring seedlings from their chipping rustic eyehole pockets.

Those were the days we wandered about in our fresh new skins, sleepless and desiring.

Those were the days the sun and moon swallowed each other whole, setting and rising in their own sweet surrendering fire. 

Those were the days time laced around itself and sauntered back, unknown and unrelentless to its own curvature and resounding circles. 

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