I call to the wind from my secret spot within the rain. I pitter patter down the longing roads of dissipating desperation that holds me to the stones. Without air, without breath, I move constantly towards a castle in the sky that is pouring sweetness onto my windpipe feather heart.

We sit together in silence. Guitar string strums wanders over the mind that I am in, within…the presence that is captivating my shoulder beams and is resting gently on my rain drenched curls. I am learning how to learn. 

I love with a heart full of air. More permeable than a solid, more infinite in every breath. Pervasive without liquid. Smothering in its gaseous explication. I am the experience of being something resembling me. Spotting in and out in a blinking sensation of life force. Your atoms are within me. Visible to the invisible seeing eye. The eye within the rain. The rain that sees me and I know nothing but the clouds that I can see and the fog that wants me to know its shape.

You, me and all the wind in the sea. 

I rest in the imperfect tense. You flutter on my bone structure, aching to be a part of my atomic chemistry. I make contact with the electromagnetic force of love and it cures my battered brains from their own cyclical churning. Give me the atomic lining of soul. I want to react. 

Teach me how to live. I want to breathe.


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