I feel most at home travelling. Guys look what I did? The most amazing of things. Communication exists in all forms Everything remains. Everything sticks. Ravage your memory it is vital. Facebook may actually be a new key. And when you uncover memories- those are the greatest gifts. If I am quiet enough, I can almost still hear their voices. The first time my world was shattered. It changes everything. It changes everything. And now our lives are scattered. But thank god for these captured pictures. So beautiful. When you have visceral physical memory- you can always go back. Thank god for pictures. Jolt your memory. It’s black magic, isn’t it? The first time I felt the earth’s magic. I remember that canoe, floating on the river, thinking I should be in class. What an incredible life I’ve had. Maybe dealing with America will get easier the more I do it. Maybe every moment is everything.

Become who you were always meant to be. Home is always home. Home moves with you. Jolt yourself.

Time traveler. 

This is just life moving towards you…with you…inside of you. The moment. Time. Life. All flowing from the same rugged rock. My life is transforming right before my eyes it’s the most incredible thing. Golden flowing light and rainbow etchings of a city left to the slings and arrows of time. I am caught in the ruble and stuck in the pebbles and the pavement, it knows my name. I’m a stranger to myself again.

Oh an there were clouds. Unbelievable sights and the world called me to it and I was its.

Has anyone ever experienced what I experience? I doubt it. Always always born anew every fucking second. I have no fear anymore something dissipated over the atlantic. I miss my bedroom and the snow. You’re never really ready, are you? Life just takes you. Its all so much wider than ive ever known. Grapple with your disattachment. Grapple with what just happened to your body and take it in gulps. It felt like lacy wafting waste of nonsense. It felt like falling into a black hole. It felt like nothing youve ever known. Remember yourself. She is always true. How did I get here? I have no fucking idea. Even with logic and time and the smallest, minute history it is still unbelievable. Something pure of mine. That’s what ill always have. Things get sorted and quantified and qualified so easily. Discover all thats waiting to be discovered and what that means. I have a deep need to reach out. It’s like i’ve never felt a smile before. I am actively creating my incredible story. Facebook has changed everything about the shape of memory. 

And oh gosh what its like to miss something. Really really miss something. What a feeling. What a divine feeling. No matter how far I get, I will always love home. That is a terrifyingly true fact. It is a bond and a tie and an anchor and a home. Everything is conditional though. Everything is right now. Its another world I left. A whole other world. Im still there though, I know I am. Always. This is such a thing, isn’t it. Learn to DEEPLY trust your intuition. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. This is happening. Just bleeding out for you to discover. Just waiting all this time for the words to finally make sense. Or for nothing at all to make any sense. And what is mine will always be mine, no need to worry about that. I am always there so presently. I have discovered a whole new world already.  

I don’t want to make any rules. I just want to live for myself, by myself, with you always. Always always bigger stronger wider with. AND.

What happens when the world ends and then begins again? Everything is reborn and grows even taller. AND. 

I cannot even tell you what happened today. I cannot even begin to tell you what this magic is like. How EVERY moment is sheer god. My whole life has been aching to reach this moment.  

just nothing and the water and the sweetness of a spinning world interacting with me me in it it in me we together just spinning by the sea just flouncing effortlessly just wanting everything and nothing and the space in between my imagination and my sanity.

I keep pinching myself to see if I’m really awake. I mean, is this really happening? 

Casually dripping colors they speak to me they speak t themselves the world between the tips of my fingers and the tarnished bundle of flowers growing out of my head, they all wish they could speak the same language.

Hope-it knows not what to do I cannot make sense of this madness…it’s like love. That’s what my experiences are like. I cannot rationally explain them, I can attempt to assign something regarding sense to it but its just that little step past logic. That’s where love lies.  

Life you are tossing me about on the sea now.

Is it metaphoric or literal?

Just glory touches in inside of your insides. 

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