Where is my truth hiding? In some tiny fragmented piece of my mind…just waiting to be released…or is the narrow side streets that open when all else closes…or is this pounding beat that permeates through everything…surrounds every material substance and still, regardless how long I can paint around its edges…cannot be seen. Air or gravity or something in between. The truth must be in the everywhere for I am not a simple God. I believe in everything but its so hard to force my heart into that cage. And how does my brain get so fuzzy so quickly and my judgment so tied up in weeds and dirt. I know not what to pluck out. 

Home helps though. Reminds me of what will always be here…whatever I fall into I will always return here. And there will be people to bandage my wounds. Always. That helps to clear away some of the cobwebs. 

I’m ready to grow up. I am edited. I have no truth but every truth. How can I weigh anything such as a human heart. They are perfect musicians in their sounding beats. We all need to learn how to hear the music. 


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