I am the caudate clause. I am the birth of a birth of a new string of sanity. I am the wishful drop from a painters pouring pleads. I am stuff of science and matter of mind. I am the seed of a seed and a whisper of the wind’s deep longing for something sacred it lost in birth. I am all whimsy and no substance. I am sounds that sing a reverberating tune of nothingness and the activation of some deep creation. I am nothing and I am everything and I am caught in the in betweens of words, the spaces between your teeth and the space from here to there- always filled, never seen. I am love and I am all things bright and frothy. I am messy and wordless, moving from cough to dream to wish and back again I find myself at your side- always seeing never seen. I am stardust and soul fire and just a metaphor for a thousand memories that move through me like dreams itching to be close to to reality. I lean towards the sun and fly at the moon. I melt in the presence of presence and my succulent breath drives all things off branches and into my mouth to be devoured. I will clean your heart and give it back. I am nothing more than everything. I am a gatherer of stardust and words prosaic, petty and antique. I am the nucleus of a fragmented heart. I am all love and no sense.

I move through dooms of love. 


It isn’t about something rational and reasoned…it’s this pulse in the center of my being and leads outward. That’s where my decision is coming from. And tomorrow I make my decision for once and for all. It’s time now to put this chess game to rest and clear the path.


That I can feel anything at all is the most incredible gift.Thank you for this breath.


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