Oh god being human is the most incredible thing. This is how I feel and it’s ok. 

Let it all in. Let it all in. Every memory is with me. Nothing is ever lost, or can be lost. No one can take anything from me. Love has no opposite. It is the only force that moves through all things.

Letting go is not how you would think. It’s deeper. Not like anything else. It is the undercurrent. That which is deeper than holding. 


I just finally reached myself. Something is breathing in me that has always been there but never been given life. There is a new trust living in me. Everything arrives with patience and trust. You continuously find yourself always right where you are. And I am in motion now. Go through all the muck to find deeper and deeper trusts. Do things you might not even need to do…do it all. It isn’t about anything. It’s a nonlinear story. 

Why did I ever deny the truth? TRUST it. 

Decisions without reason might be the better ones. 

I’m going to follow the sunset. I haven’t seen the sunset or the sunrise in WAY too long. I’m going to LIVE. 

I am SO free. Give it ALL love. Something DEEPER than the push and pull. The undercurrent running through EVERYTHING. What is beyond and within. 

It’s not that I’ve changed. It’s that the world has changed around us. Accept it. Do you love me or do you love your image of me?

I love you deeply and wholly. Just tell me to stay. I want to love you again. But right this time. Let’s do it again. Let’s start over. Put it all behind us and move forward. Why is forgiveness so hard? I will make it all up I swear. I am forever yours. Just let me love you. 

I love you forever and always. 


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