I wish that someone could have just a taste of how I experience life. I can’t even explain it and it’s spreading and growing everyday. I can hear sights and I can taste smells and I can feel whole worlds spinning within me. It’s visceral and sensational…all of my senses are deeply connected and my awareness is beyond anything I can control. I am so deeply and wholly of every moment, every breath…simply walking down the street is exhilarating. It’s humanity to its fullest…and then to eat and experience all things at once…every bite is literally an out of body experience. I don’t know what to do about it or how to explain it…but its absolutely wild. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this before. I wish I could find some way to explain it or share it. The whole world should wake up to this full bodied experience that is life. 

The only thing I can grasp is the transitory nature of life. 


I cannot let the pangs in my heart cloud my mind. I KNOW deep down what I need to do and I’m letting myself get distracted because yes, it IS a hard decision. All the better reason to make it. Destroy the fear. Perspective perspective. Get out of your head. Trust yourself. Listen to yourself. See the signs. Follow the wind. 

And keep constantly letting go. Constantly breathing. 


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