I don’t really understand why I’ve been so blessed by this gorgeous life. Princeton is the most beautiful place…and I don’t think I’ve ever loved a place more than the Hun theatre. I am SO deeply ingrained in every seat there. That, above ALL else in the whole world…is my home. My soul and voice and heart is bouncing around that theatre. To be there again…to feel that soul…to share my life with Kara…its such a profound and deep love. Sharing my world and my room reminded me of that first time with Adam…and how real and genuine those moments were. There is so much lost…and so much that can NEVER be lost. All of my memories and life seem so close to me…so accessible and keep filling me up with all of me. My imagination is completely wild and rampaging…listening to music I can feel a wild world errupting within me. Everything is a trigger and everything keeps opening me up and up into something unbelievably strong and dreamy. There’s too much to even take in. I don’t even know what to do with myself. 


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