I am glistening with the love of the whole world. Philly is in my veins. I’m not even here anymore…I am everywhere. The wind blows through me now and I am infinite. Everything in the world is holding me here.

Deep magic and swirling words that whistle through me, jostle me out of my slumbers and help to toss me into the world…free and wild and unspeakable. 

All needs have dissolved from me now. I don’t need anything. 

I constantly amaze myself by simply saying I’m here. Now. I’m alive. I am in this moment. The present is more powerful than anything else. The present holds everything in its shaking, quickly dancing hands. 

My own scramble of words to make sense of the mess. 

I am full of being and love and something that is quite without words. 

Maybe the heartbreak is the best part. Lets you know how deeply you can love and how alive and real you really are. So deeply and wildly alive. Give it ALL.

You are something of mine now. A piece of me. A part to have. A new scar. And I am covered in scars and they are all beautiful. Chiseled pieces of this love that I am.


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