Mind goop. Mind goop. Fry me and rush me into the wind and let all my cells rearrange and find themselves…the walls are sliding off my wells of perception and my consciousness is peeling off into little bits of mind map. 

This is the best. What is happening to me is the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. Going to yoga in the morning…then being able to go to Photo and create…sit out in the fall sun and read…then have my mind blown in greek mind and then even MORE blown in religion. I just want to have my mind blown. I just want to sit in cafes with people and actually talk about things. I want to read and I want to know and learn and I want to write and think and create. 


It really all comes and goes. Really and truly. I miss you most at night…and when I wake up in the morning and am hit with a jolt of truth again. I just miss you being in my life. And as much as I’m used to it now…and I’m not hurt by it anymore…I’m sort of sick of just pretending the other one isn’t there. It’s just stupid and draining. It’s fine. It’s not the worst thing…I’m just done with it. 

I just want peace. 

Let the rain come.


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