It’s ok. It’s REALLY ok. We’re going to be okay. Both of us. Just fine. 

I have complete faith in him and his ability to heal. I could feel him across the room tonight and he’s okay. Whether it’s fake happiness or just a trickle of something real…I can see him smiling and laughing…and it makes me happy to see him happy. And that’s how I know I really love him. And that I’m really okay. And whatever needs to happen…or will happen…will be just right. If he needs to hate me in order to help himself heal…then that will be OKAY and I don’t need to be around him or that. And if he can find it in himself to be my friend…that will be okay. I’m ready for that now. I really really didn’t think I would be…but somehow I am. WHATEVER happens will be ok. 

I KNOW the truth. I know him. I know what we had. And I’m not insecure in it. The love he gave me is still within me and I will always have it. Love is never gone. Everyone I’ve ever loved is deeply and wonderfully with me. Every story has had its life and however short or long or wrong or right or rough or beautiful they have been they are all mine and they are all magic. 

Now I’m full of magic. 


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