I don’t know how to wrap my head around anything. I literally feel extreme highs and lows at EVERY second. I have no idea how I’m going to feel one minute from the next…it’s utterly mind blowing. 

I still have hope. Nothing in the world can destroy that or take that away. It’s terrible and beautiful and true. If he were to say to me stay…I would stay. I WANT to stay. 

No matter what happens…the universe is always going to be there. The magic and the moon will stand by me. These days it seems as if the stars are the only constant in my life. And even then…I miss the southern cross more than anything else in Australia. I don’t necessarily believe in the word “God” anymore. Mostly the moon. And the great spirit. The earth. The stars. And some deep magic keeping alive, awake and aware every day of my life. It’s the only real thing. 


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