And I just keep thinking…THANK GOD I get to wake up tomorrow and perform. It’s the most unbelievable magic in the world. There is literally nothing like it. 

I am filled with more power, presence and liberation than ever in my entire life. Life is always going to give you exactly what you need. It’s always going to be there. Trust that. 

I’m deeply exhausted but SO FULL. So full of inspiration and freedom. And SO much faith. In myself and in the fact that I know NOTHING. 

And I miss Adam deeply. But of course. But the liberation is just as real as the loss. 

And we all so desperately want to be connected don’t we? To be a part. That need is so visceral. And for me…I feel more connected to the wind and the earth and to the stage lights than anyone else. 

Change is some true magic. I stood in Peter’s apartment tonight…felt him all around…his presence in every corner…and felt such release in the transformation I could feel within my heart. I KNOW I can do anything now. I can get over the deepest heart break and I can transform the deepest pain into the most beautiful power. If Adam wants to leave me then fine. I’ll fly. I’ll soar…I’ll use every ounce of loss as a springboard higher and higher into my own truth. 

Thanks for setting me free. 

This is literally the best I’ve ever felt in all my life. I’m soaring. Creating. 




Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, 
how much the human heart can hold.” 
– Zelda Fitzgerald 


Even the sun goes through trouble
Shining her light, fighting rubble
Looking for diamonds like the stars
Up so high and down so far.
Nobody knows what’s going on
So much around, yet so much is gone.
Out with the old, in with the new
Just sit back and enjoy the view 

– David Choi



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