I keep awaking from these divine days and finding no words to express them…and a thousand tiny resolutions have flown out of my head into the ethos. 

Dismantle your brain. Move through dooms of love and dream with the sugary sweetness of the stars.

I’m walking into the mystery of life and it feels like flying. 

I want to find the tiniest, most minute joy of life and explode them onto the sidewalk. 

I can’t remember anything before now. The universe has only just now come into being. Trust its creation and let it unfold. 

The most powerful feeling is when you don’t even know how the beauty of the world is infiltrating you. And you don’t need to know. You’ll wake up in the morning and see the world anew. Maybe then you’ll know, maybe not. Just keep saying yes.

Then rediscover the world over and over again and know that it is always new.

It’s all connected…but so not in the ways we think. Let the things that seem wrong assure you that that connection is so much bigger and wider than we can comprehend. And it will all open. 

Share this life. 

I grow the most from the humbling moments in which I accept that I know nothing. 

The tricky part is, it is easy and it is simple. I must learn to fight my own intuition that dissolves it into thinking its so much harder and complex than that. It is deep and it is vast, but it is right there.

Set yourself free.

Life is so much better as a messy, divine orgasm. 


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