This feels like falling off a cliff. What is this feeling? This is without words. I am a being of faith. I can’t even think. 

My last great adventure. Flying. 


Nothing in the world will ever compare to that feeling of finally booking that flight and feeling home flood into me. 

I am a tree. Rooted and sprouting and reaching towards the spreading sky. 

Love is all I see around me.

Ohhh here we go.

To the truest and purest love for a land that created me.


“A true person never frets about their place in the world,
but just slides into it by the gravitation of their nature,

and swings there as easily as a star.”
-Edwin Hubbell Chapin-

That I am still standing alive on this earth astounds me. That I have not dissolved into the magic I’ve experienced is amazing to me. The spirit of this country is absorbing me…and sometimes it feels Australia will have my soul forever.

A thousand revelations fly through me everyday…and I don’t even remember what yesterday felt like. 

It’s an awakening.

I am just bursting with love and joy and bliss right now. Creation is everywhere and I am so lucky to be alive. Awakened. I love my life. 

The days are getting sweeter and easier to let go of.

I just got dropped from the highest cloud into the deepest depths of reality. Into the date. Cried for the past few hours and it was incredibly beautiful. That deepening sorrow enriches everything and is so viscerally real and alive. 

It’s not about the time. It’s not about what happens. It’s not about making it into a series of tasks to get done. I have to let go and let go and let go and enjoy and breathe and just do the best that I can. Not worry. Be assured that it has ALREADY been the best time of my life and this is just the sweetest last drop. Let go of all the preconceived notions about what it has to be, what it will be. Whatever happens…it is love. 

It’s the world. It’s the whole world. The entire fucking universe. It’s alive. It’s awake. It’s real. And it flows. And I cannot know the answer to a single bit of its vast mystery. 

It is love.

I’m in a daze…I don’t know whether or not I’ve ever felt this feeling before…this wide, open awakening. Give in.

HOLY CRAP. It is ALL there. The whole universe…it exists…it is real. It is love. It is all things. Words have meanings beyond our comprehension and words are nothing to describe the infinity that is this life. And it is so simple. And it is a laugh. A dance. It moves like music…it connects like people that fly into our lives and align and rearrange and fly.

That’s not the right word. There are no right words. 

There is only life.