Oh shit. June. I am so not ready for June. That just hit me like a brick. I tried to prepare for it…or at least…I tried to soak up every last inch of May…especially today…but the actual reality of June…nothing could prepare me for that. Ouch. So not a welcome thought. So overwhelming. 

Love is soul. Souls in love move in faith. Believing in love is the deepest faith. The most transformative power. Partake in being human. I am still connected to all that I am. I am connected to all the shiny, brass sorrow that is humanity. As well as the trees, the scurrying animal creation, and the spirit of the wind. Just by being alive in this world…I am a part of this gravity.

Love IS magic. The purest and deepest magic I know.


I am living without my obsessive compulsions and it is terrifying, exhilarating, unknown territory that makes every minute, every day, every second brand new.

And holy crap I just realized how much work I have to do this week and am trying to breathe deeply. Hah. Ouchhhh. However, the concept of actually being nearly done with work is entirely worth it. Oh this is such an overwhelming feeling. Tonight…I’m just going to enjoy the dying embers of May and trust that everything will work out in its own time. I don’t know what June holds…but I’m sure its own magic will unfold itself. I have faith. It is a new beginning. 

I had THE most incredible May of my life. SO much love. SO incredible. Nothing else will ever compare. It can only grow. Don’t give up…give me more. More love.

Be ready. Not ready. Terrified. Just be in it. Commit to open. Release. And let it unfold. Trust the universe.

I believe.

I loved EVERY second of May. Here comes June. No stopping the force of life. It is moving and spinning, just like me. Further. Into that eternal, deepening mystery.

Let it in.



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