I am running up hill. Spinning cyclone higher and higher…releasing into the atmosphere. Into the fuzzy pink squirms that slither across the sunset. I am flying full force, head long into a speeding bullet and I have no way of bracing myself. I am falling…faster and faster catching glimpses of where I’ve been, the ground below me, and the things flying past my vision. I am a being of pure love…ascending and spreading and growing. Growing everyday in wild directions. Spurning and churning like a strangler fig…the spirit of the world wraps in its sheer force and holds me to the ground…while my ripping and shredding trunk flies free into the stratosphere…shaking its leaves like a violin into the night air. 

Nothing will ever be the same. 

This is where my heart is. Will always be. I have released it into the world.

Let’s be infinite together.

I just exploded.



Divinely, deliriously happy. Everything is in alignment. That’s not the right word…but that’s the feeling. The feeling is infinite.

Ready. Free. Release.

The moment is not here or there or in my breath or in my exhale…it is everywhere…infinite in every minute detail. Like God. Like love. Like light. Spreading out and flying free. 

There is not a doubt in my mind that I am exactly where I’m meant to be. Right time, right place, alive. The mere fact that love exists assures me that it is all connected.

“There’s no where you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.”


I am moving slowly and serenely over the open pages of my dreams. Molasses tipped and tilted towards the full moon…I am drifting in a sweet surrender towards, towards…further drifting out to sea…to see to feel to touch…to taste the inner workings of my fantasies. I am dreaming and imagining today. Today I am breathing deeply the fiery magic that twinkles in the light. That spark that created stardust. I am soaring. And nothing can bring me down. Everything is a catalyst upwards and outwards. Higher.


And then release.

I want to give everything.

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