God is infinite. God is gravity. God is the other. God is love. 

The adhesive that keeps the world together. That binds and ties. All things. 

And even the word God is limiting. Because the oneness has a connotation. Because we look for him as if he is in one place. As if he is a human. 

But the true connection comes in the other. 

Maybe the things I’m saying are paganistic or pantheistic…but that’s not it either. 

And even in trying to write it down it loses its meaning. Its majesty. I cannot write it down. I cannot tell it. I cannot even know it. Maybe I can feel it. All I can do is breathe in and out and believe. 

Let it be open. Beyond your comprehension. This is hard for humans. This is hard for me. To let God be beyond me. But it’s the only thing that rings true for me. 

And the context KEEPS changing. Everyday. And everyday has its own gifts. And the world keeps changing. And my vision of God keeps changing. That infinite light that it is- I’m sure is unchanging and eternal…but my relationship, knowledge and feeling of it is new every minute. Constant in its motion.

The more I try to put it in to words, the more I feel it becomes convoluted. That’s the problem with religion. They think they have the words. And not only words…but the right words. I want to live in art with God- abstract. No solutions. More questions, bigger questions, more complex ideas…and more beautiful magic.

But there I go again putting value on it…as if my way of living is better than any other. I just have to keep letting go.  

God is beyond. But I am alive in this world that is connected to all things. And that is divine. 

And I keep repeating myself but I am just human. 

Letting go is beautiful.


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