I really genuinely don’t remember the last time I was this fully and comprehensively exhausted. Every muscle in my body is sore…I can hardly walk…my brain can’t compute anything…I’m sure I’m getting sick or already am…but my heart is dreaming bigger and stronger than ever before. I am aware of everything in the world in this new and exhilarating way. It is entirely exhausting…but at the same time…filling me with SO much more life than I could ever have imagined.

Words are genuinely not enough to describe how I am feeling. It is a sense of being alive the likes of which I have never even been able to imagine…let alone comprehend…let alone feel…let alone be.

The world is fresh and new EVERY day and waves upon waves of revelation hit me, soak me and grow me in ways that far surpass adjectives. Amazing.

I’m even starting to lose my worldly hungers. I don’t want food. I want more LIFE.

I have moved past exhaustion into a state of beautiful and magical lucid dreaming. Everything is illuminated. Now.

I am a dreamer.

I’m home.

The only thing I am sure of is that I know nothing.

How AMAZING is it to be ALIVE?

I will never stop being amazed.



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