The choices you’re given and the choices you never know you have…and the loss and gain of being alive. It’s an incredible journey. And I’m right where I’m supposed to be and I don’t know how that thought continues to grow THROUGH uncertainty to STRONGER faith.

It’s always right just by being alive. Just by being. It’s right.

Open your eyes and start seeing the connections. Everything is a catalyst.

The moreness of being alive TODAY is overwhelming. And knowing that because I tasted that it’s right. Because I saw that, it is right. All of the things I could have done today, all of the things I’m doing right now, did…they are all RIGHT.

We are what we create ourselves to be.

Because even the tiniest glimmer of revelation today would have been divine…and I had about a hundred moments. It’s the right thing right now because I can handle the disappointment of life right now. The context of life that sheds new light. I can wrap my head around this and I need this today right now. Because I tasted that pastry and because I can make this connection right now, right here, because of all of these things. Because of all of the things I learned. The things I smelled, tasted and gathered. Because I was alive there. Comparisons are only useful if they open you further.

Because a random stranger walked up to me and said I can feel your unique energy and it is beautiful.

Because this wasn’t what I planned. Because I’m having this connection now. Because I’m alive.


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