I am born again. And somehow alive for the first time. And in love in a new way. A free way. I am one.

I am a beam of light.

It’s all connected in such a bigger, deeper way than I could ever have imagined. It is through love…but not just in our human way…and not just in a divine way…in the reality of the magic that is created between them. In being present. In being committed to being alive. In being aware, awake, alive…and in love. Through love, around, in, with. It’s not tunnel vision…it’s not one person…it’s everything. A connection to each place, feeling, moment, person, experience. It moves from that place within and beyond…and when love comes from there…it is never wrong, it is always free…and it is divinely connected to everything. And it is magical. And real. Listen to your heart. Honestly. Move from fearlessness and love from life’s natural breath.

All is real.


I watched creation today. I am genuinely feeling things for the first time. I felt as if I was born entirely new this morning…seeing the sun emerge from the horizon…the whole world shook open. And I was there and I was present and connected to the whole universe in a way that was literally unreal.

And for brief moments I thought this could be the love of my life. This could be it. My magic moment. My great love story. And who can even ever know…but all I know is that I am alive in this moment and that is enough. That is more than enough. That is divine, and magical, and somehow the most real thing in the world.

We were standing in a patch of sugarcane, covered in the moon’s magic, enveloped in something pure, bits of stardust floating in the wind…and it was the most real thing I’ve ever felt.

I can’t describe it, or even know it, or answer it…but I can feel it.

And I believe.

I am alive.

I am.

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