I am here now. Alive
You are there making pasta
we are dwelling inside of this breath
this bus ride, this free patronage
free public transport from here to there
from transformation to poetry to cataclysmic revelation of self
of thought of mind of might
of being awake in the night
of knowing the sounds that accompany the music
and drinking the flavors that seep into your suburb
the magic that lives here and
lives inside of blindness
to see lights and only lights
there’s elevators there that lift you up
there’s heart inside that pummel you higher
you’ll never get to meet yourself
except inside this moment
you’ll never know again that person that lied inside that past
that breath inside the breath that carried your dreams of darkness afloat
that swelled inside of nothingness and dreamed ontop of dreams of empty longing
you were everything inside me and i was nothing beyond you
and we were united inside of a feeling of a word
inside of a want to feel to know to think to be something beyond that which we know
which we have been driven into the ground and into the shopping malls and the paper plastic packaging
of lost lights and distant thumpings
club life and hair life and life that revolves around the sipping of sugary drinks
that is not the point of the pointedness of this memory
the point revolves around you and inside you and within you and you are a part of it
and of me
and we are a part of this reverie.
of this sleeping dream that awakes to blow its nose and write down fragments of faded memories and let them cascade past pretention and recycled words and descriptive noise and sauteed happiness.
i am alive inside of this moment only and this is the moment that holds me because it is wrapped in light that does not fade. that does not drift into the distance or soften with a squint. it grows stronger in the darkness and deeper with blindness. it guides without a path and it seeks without an answer.
sometimes ill sing for you, sometimes ill scream of you, sometimes ill hide inside of your ourness.
we are a we-ness that will never be again.
and THAT is terrifying freedom that carries me into the autumnspring of the otherside of the world.
let me eat my cake and have it as a dream.
let me feel the aboutness and drive inside of it towards the open freeway.
let these words mean my meaning of this moment.
let this be enough.
let this be.


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