Holy shit. So I’m leaving to go to the Great Barrier Reef in a matter of hours? WTF. Will somebody just give me one second to breathe? Hah. No…THIS is what it’s all about…so tired you can’t even pack even for your next great adventure.

I have to let go of the money. It’s really hard for me…I just keep thinking about it. But I just have to make a decision…settle in it…and then forget about the money. This IS what I want to spend my money on…experiences…not souvenirs…I want the real thing. I have to keep reminding myself of that. And what do I need to save my money for? I’m here. I want to soak up every inch of it. And if that means letting go of money…then that’s all part of it. Do it all. Fearlessly. If I die next week…I’ll have gone to the Great Barrier Reef. There we go. And this is the ONE trip I really wanted to do at orientation…the Outback and RnR was all I really wanted…but I never imagined I’d ACTUALLY get to do them both. So I should cherish this opportunity and let go of everything else. LIVE.

I also have to try my best not to compare it with the Outback…I know it’s going to be inevitable…but they are COMPLETELY different experiences…actually polar opposites…and they just happen to be back to back…actually it should be rather incredible experiencing them back to back…the extreme of the desert and the extreme of the ocean. Life sure is incredible. Australia is incredible. Soak up everything.

So here I go. Onto the next great adventure.

Bring it.


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