My first attempt putting a picture up! Yay!
This is from Lamington National Park – The rainforest! šŸ™‚
And I can’t get the other pictures to turn out like I want…but the other one is one of my favorite pieces from the GOMA exhibit- reminded me of Mononoke- that’s a real elk covered in glass balls…it’s incredible.
Friday March 26- Um. Hm. Pretty sure I talked to Adam in the morning…then off to the GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) for a second go with my camera. It was honestly the best time I’ve ever had in a museum. The current APT6 (Asian Pacific Triennial) exhibit is MIND-BLOWING. Literally three of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen in a gallery or museum. Aaaand I got to take pictures…which I will hopefully put up soon. Or actually…now. Nevermind they’re not working the way I wanted them too. Maybe I’ll figure it out soon…or maybe I’ll just get them up on facebook. After the GOMA and my sheer bliss…I had to go to a work meeting, bummer…but then I ran back to South Bank to watch Bran Nue Dae…an Australian Aboriginal musical…watched it from the outside…but there was some drunk guy next to me that kept making comments so that was annoying but it was fully worth watching, very interesting. Walked around South Bank got Turkish Delight :)…then came home and hung out in some flat…Em and I were going to go out but I was way too exhausted…then I finally made it to my bed…called Adam I think and then paaaassed out with lights on and computer open next to me and everything…pretty sure it was all like that when I woke up too. Adorable. Lovely day.
Saturday March 27- Kristey’s Birthday. I realllly didn’t want to go to work. I was so exhausted. But I went…and was exhausted. We didn’t have much luck at all. I was pretty lazy. Had a lovely time swinging on some swings though. And I’m pretty positive I’m going to quit. But then I discovered Kangaroo Point and the look out and it was amazing and I have to go back. The first time I saw Brisbane from that lookout was awe-inspiring. Oh and the Mormons, they tried to convert me…fantastic. Then I walked from Kangaroo Point all the way down, across the river to the Botanical Gardens to try to find the riverstage to watch a free ballet! But then it wasn’t there…an old man guided me to the riverstage but there was no ballet there. So then the old man walked me back to where I could catch a bus and along the way showed me all sorts of birds and explained trees and buildings…it was cool…and he was the guy that I ran into the next day…so strange and cool. But then once I got home I looked online and it all said that yes, that’s where it was supposed to be…so I went BACK to the city and ran back there and checked it out and it was STILL not there…so then I ran back..but at least I got a nice good run in…And I never run. So there. Then it was a gender bender party on campus…I swapped clothes with one of my flatmates (creepily named Peter) but then by the time we actually got there…it was just about ending…so then I went back home and just passed out. So lovely to sleep.
Ack! Did I forget about today!?
Monday March 29- Contemporary Australian Theatre…we talked about Aboriginals today…SO interesting. It’s so fascinating how they handle it here…they’re ACTUALLY sorry, not like how we just brush over the Native Americans…and we watched some films and I CANNOT wait to go to the Outback…aaah it’s so exciting. Got home and got a vegan pie from the Co-Op…soo good…talked to Adam for a bit…got quite a bit done…got freeee candies and stuff (lollies here) from the KGBC (res life) because it’s a monday and ate waaay too much of them…and then got off facebook, got some more stuff done, started my essay…that kind of boring but important stuff…got a lot of writing done too…and now I’m finally getting to bed before midnight. Extremely happy today. Love. šŸ™‚
I just left facebook…for just a little while…so I can focus things and such. And really immerse myself in being here. But I’ll still have my e-mail and this blog and such…so I’ll still be reachable…just not consumed.
Sleep is wonderful. Life is amazing. Love is plentiful. šŸ™‚

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