So today was incredible. Started off horrible, and ended up being one of the best days. I woke up, couldn’t find my phone, missed a trip to Lone Pine, and with news that Adam isn’t coming to visit. Then I actually got some stuff done and immediately felt better. Bad things push you to do good things. Then I got out, missed a couple buses, but eventually got out to South Bank. Ran down to west end to buy tickets for the film festival, then walked back to south bank and finalllly got to just lay on the beach and go swimming and enjoy the sun…I’ve been wanting to do that every since I got here and I finally had the oppurtunity so I was extremely happy. And it’s extremely nice…like all the good things of a pool and a beach but without any of the bad stuff. It is perfect. 🙂

Then I got two rolls of sushi for 2.50 and ate them on some south bank rocks and was extremely happy. Then I caught the city cat to the Botanical gardens…who knew you could do that? Soo cool. Walked around the gardens and ran into the same man I met last night and he told me about Mt. Coot-tha and how to get there and…it was actually a rather magical moment…not sure if I can explain why.
Then I got myself rather lost, got to have an lovely walk by the river, but was running late for max…then I literally sprinted across town while the sun was setting and it was beautiful….the perks of Brisbane being a tiny city…I can get anywhere relatively fast. I like this. Then Max and I went to the West End Film Festival and it was soo lovely. So cool. So indie and artsy and real grunge. We walked through this bar into the back and it suddenly felt like we were in Europe, I wish I had a camera. The clouds were turning orange and there were these crazy old men sitting on sculptures of magazines playing the violin and the guitar, and lighting fixtures made out of CDs and seats made out of cardboard…and yet it was still Brisbane chic and classy, not sketchy at all.
Then we took the long way home, taking the city and the moon in…through West End, through South Bank…pausing to wade in the pool…then took the bus to a little outside campus and had a long walk through the forest back to the flat…it was quite a long walk, and we talked the whole way…I felt like I had such a spilling…like I hadn’t talked to anyone in such a long time and I had so much to say. I explained to him the 4 seasons. What an incredible, mind-blowing experience to have to explain the seasons to someone. Made me ache for home, made me fascinated that I actually live in a place where the landscape changes so drastically like that, and fascinated that I’m in a place where it doesn’t. It was very good for my own reflection process to be able to bounce all of that off of him…and to have those elementary things become incredible through another’s eyes. And to yourself. I’m learning so much everyday just by little things like that. Wrapping my head around the seasons.
Then we came home and made a glorious and tasty pizza together. Super delicious. Then we watched the Mighty Boosh, excellent…and FINALLY FINALLY started catching up on the Office…watched the Delivery Part 1 and 2 and literally died with joy. SO perfect. Especially thinking about Mia…it really is incredible. Everything seems incredible these days.
And now I should head to bed a little early…I am SO exhausted in such a good way.
Oh! And I found out who I am living with next year: Casey Palumbo. And I am sooo happy 🙂
Really really happy…I think that could be the absolute best thing. So I am very excited. I’m starting to give in to patience finally…and everything is working out just as it should, it seems.
Everything is wonderful.
Nothing in Australia is dirty or sketchy or ghetto. I don’t ever see homeless and the class system seems to be almost non-existent…it really is an ideal country. So incredible.
I actually had a gorgeous and very full weekend in Brisbane…it’s a beautiful city and I love it.

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