It’s a sense of openness. It always is. And WHENEVER I open myself just a little bit…the world blasts open any closed doors. God ALWAYS finds his way in.

Amazing moments flicker in my head.

Like a beautiful little girl twirling in a long flowey dress in the middle of the square.
And jazz music through the markets.
And strangers telling you you have a beautiful soul.
And God consciously trying to find you.
And river cities. And bridges over water covered in lights.
A woman in an orange shirt who’s heart I could see…who told me to live with my heart.
To sweet wines out of plastic cups.

Opening more and more and more.

It’s about context. A balance between mind and heart, between rationality and bliss…and between God and humanity.

It’s about LOVE. Everywhere and all the time. It’s ALL about love.

Tonight was full of love.

Finally falling in love with Brisbane, taking it one step at a time. Walking with faith.


Love is all you need.

I was raised in a fantasy world, and that has dictated so much of my life. I want to be fully alive.


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