And on the 7th day….acceptance came.

I’m going to be all of it. I’m going to be so overwhelmed. I am going to be on this wild adventure whatever that means…it may not be what I want or think I want…but that’s EXACTLY why it’s so important…and I’m not on vacation…I’m on walkabout. This isn’t about pampering…this is about REALLY learning. Digging deep. It’s about acceptance. Accepting gifts. Glorious, new, unending gifts from God.


The only trouble is…I did literally NO preparation. Mentally, emotionally, practically, financially…What was I thinking? I had this grand notion that I could just let it all happen to me…let myself be surprised…what I was really picking was to be extremely overwhelmed…It’s ok…preparing while adjusting has been quite an experience in itself…I guess it just made the experience that much more intense…no safety net…just jumping into the abyss. Quite an experience. One I will never forget. Truly living. And for that…I suppose it was the right decision. MORE life.



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