I am stressed. Yes. That is the word. I feel like I’m being thrust towards a thousand things…the fact that I didn’t have a thanksgiving break to mentally or emotionally decompress really fucked me over. And all the sudden the show is opening tomorrow. It’s my first show outside of Hun….my first show here, my first college show…I’m excited…so nervous…so stressed. I’m feeling so many things and sometimes I feel just as if I’m about to burst into tears. I know I can do it. I know I will do it. I suppose I just need some time to…relax. Take it all in. Process. And realize that this is incredibly exciting. And only ever going to happen once. And accept that I can’t change anything about the past…nothing about what’s brought me to this moment. I just have to embrace this moment and go with it…and fly. Take it. Accept life. Grab life by the reins…and step up to my destiny.

The universe only spins forward. Everything is happening just as it should. And now I have to step up.

Now go out and live the life you were born to live.

And shine.

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