Things I want. Things I need. Things that should be…

We need to have our own lives.
I need to know how to love and not have it consume me.
I need to learn to have him in my life without him being my life.
I need to make new friends and a support group that is not solely him.
We should keep our options open and experiment with other people.
I need to work. Hard.
I need to be neat.
I want to be in a show.
I want to study abroad.
I want to not lose sight of the clarity I have at this moment.
I need to not be dependent on him.
I want to be free.
I need to stay grounded.
I should trust my heart.
We need to separate ourselves from Grace.
I need to not put up with shit.
I need to make constant time for writing and reflection.
I want to eat healthy.
I want to use little, buy less and make more.
I want to live sustainably, simply and cleanly.
I need to stay in contact with those most important to me.
I want to choreograph for Knight Club.
I want to visit the castle often and painlessly.
I want to rid myself of pain and regret.
I want to have Peter as a friend.
We need to retain our identities.
I want to never stop breathing and living deeply and wholly.
I want to fly.
I want to break open myself, my boundaries and my mind.
I want to explode with love.
I want to stay in deep connection with God. And i want to share that with Peter.
I want to be better. More. Deeper. Beyond.
I want to dream.

We should love each other. Or at least love the world.

Above all things…i want to stay in love with the universe. As long as I have love…everything will be beautiful.

Love is all you need.



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