I love this log cabin. i love the feeling of maybe for one fleeting moment being part of something resembling a family. I haven’t had a family in SO long…this feeling is old and alien. I love my dogs. I love being high. i love Amy. I do.

When i grow up I dont want to follow these rules…i want to live in a log cabin in the country…feel the wind on my face and taste an ocean breeze…i want to be FREE…i was grass beneath my toes.

I think I;m finally accepting who i really am…a total flower child. i am a total hippie and i think id be much happier if i just accepted it.

i have control over my destiny and im ready to take hold of it now. im ready to step up and accept my genius. my ohm told me that my freshman year and ive just been pushing it away all these years out of fear. fear is where it all begins. fear of not being enough. but i think im ready to be satisfied with what god has given me and push it to the limits…take it as far as it can go…then break it in two and go farther.

im ready. im in love with the world. im surrounded by god. im high. and im free.



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