From the BEST week of my life. UNBELIEVABLE.



Walking all day around the most beautiful city in the world…drinking all night with the most wonderful friends…getting 2 hours of sleep and waking up and doing it the next day. Eating glorious food…drinking english ales and tequila shots by the bucket…and falling in love ALL over again. Magical. Just magical. That’s the word for it all.

I think I understood the phrase “Love conquers all” for the first time this week. Truly and honestly…beyond all betrayal and resentment and regrets…we CANNOT stop loving each other. Our love persists and fights and breathes deeper every day. And in London…alone…with no Grace…but only the beauty of London lights…our hearts exploded. I will never forget some of the most romantic nights of my life and the most delightful smile in Peter’s eyes when he tells me he truly, wholly, and deeply loves me. And I believe him. I feel it. Love conquers all.


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