To 2008.
To love.
To boys and girls…
To great endings.
To great beginnings.
To the second star to the right and straight on till morning.
To an unforgettable first kiss in a dark attic.
To love letters delivered to old friends.
To Jon Groff and Lea Michelle’s last show.
To my last show.
To die would be an awfully great adventure…
To Disneyworld with the kids I grew up with.
To flipping my senior ring around in a sweaty folding chair in front of Russell Hall on May 31st.
To art and theatre and film.
To holding hands with the art class in the blinding darkness 5 miles deep into a cave .
To jackass bitters, oranges and the laughter of Esperanza and Zephyr echoing through the jungles of Belize.
To late nights smoking salvia in Middletown, CT.
To Dr. Horrible.
To the majesty of the Redwood forest.
To Omar.


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