“Let is be said by our children’s children that

when we were tested we refused to let this journey end,

that we did not turn back nor did we falter;

and with eyes fixed on the horizon and

God’s grace upon us,

we carried forth that great gift of freedom and

delivered it safely to future generations.”

– Barack Obama

i am soooo drunk and i just feel and feel an d thats so wonderful and thats all i need andi see your leittle feet dancing together on tabetops adnd they make me smile in a way that no one has ever made me smile. i think thats love….that true belief….and thats how it seems to be able to come and go tso earsily and so hard. it shoudnt be so easy and so ard but it is and it odesnt make sense and god is in the details an d in the wind and in the fresh breeze of a

i feel sooo wonderful i really do…complieted by the cycle of life that is within me and without me and through me and there aqre alot of people inside of me that are begging to be let free and slowly one by one i will release them into the world…you may not like some of them…but there is one that i think you love and i know that when i look in your eyes and i see the shade of blue that reminds me of the horizon…and that is when i know it is right. i know it i know it in know it.

and i love you.

and that all you need.

love is all you need.


To 2008.
To love.
To boys and girls…
To great endings.
To great beginnings.
To the second star to the right and straight on till morning.
To an unforgettable first kiss in a dark attic.
To love letters delivered to old friends.
To Jon Groff and Lea Michelle’s last show.
To my last show.
To die would be an awfully great adventure…
To Disneyworld with the kids I grew up with.
To flipping my senior ring around in a sweaty folding chair in front of Russell Hall on May 31st.
To art and theatre and film.
To holding hands with the art class in the blinding darkness 5 miles deep into a cave .
To jackass bitters, oranges and the laughter of Esperanza and Zephyr echoing through the jungles of Belize.
To late nights smoking salvia in Middletown, CT.
To Dr. Horrible.
To the majesty of the Redwood forest.
To Omar.