Acting is finding the soul. That bittersweet place where mind meets heart. Neither one dominating, yet simply…being. The pilot light.

Today my mind took me back to mercer street. Or my heart. But I think it was my soul. It was not a concious choice…I just found myself walking up to that old brick house…and watched the shambles and the ruble and the bare wood construct itself into the polished marble counters and the fraying yellow wallpaper. It wasn’t about a state, or a time, or me, or my family…it was simply about the place. The vastness of the human soul is fascinating. i didn’t want anything. I didn’t want my family back or my old life back…in fact…the house was completely empty…a shell…the way I left it. I just wanted to be there. I don’t know why and I don’t know why it was significant to me. But I think for the first time I’m learning how to be.


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