A breath
A mouthful of fireflies
And a star tangled in your hair
There’s a box full of unused regrets sitting on the porch
And I wish you had been there to see the world collapse
I always wanted to be that streak of purple in the sky
20 hours ago I made love to the green shrills of summer
The shrieks in the oaks and the bumbles in the branches
And I wear my bruises like badges
From places the world has given me hickeys
From this well of compassion that someone unleashed
And I have a small bucket but it will do
To collect old memories and salvage fresh feelings
Dilapidated ties that bondage my eyes to yours
And a ringing of a bell I’ll never hear again
I am thinking of something, I know that
But I could never say what it is
I have neither the words
Nor the faintest idea
Where I am.



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