Friday- Graduation then party
Saturday- Marks, Royces
Sunday- Sams, Bruces, Matt’s, Brians
Monday- Hun, Bryan’s grad party
Tuesday- Graduation, Hun, Bryan
Wednesday- Hun, Choi, Orleans
Thursday- Breakfast, party —-Joshua
Friday- Toys R Us, beach
Saturday- Beach, Emlyn dinner
Sunday June 8- Josh and I’s first date…shopping, park, bed
Monday June 9- Pool, Erica Ruzic party
Tuesday June 10- Bush lunch, Janak, Jackie’s sleepover
Wednesday June 11- Choi time, sleepover Amy’s
Thursday June 12- Taking care of Janak, Josh and Julia
Friday June 13- Strawberry picking, Jess’s, Amy’s
Saturday June 14- Jenny’s, McCusker’s
Sunday- McCusker…Pool…Emlyn
Monday- NYC with Janus Players
Tuesday- Emlyn at target, Choi dinner, Josh, Janak
Wednesday- Reading HP in the park…Emlyn’s graduation
Thursday- Arcadia Orientation, painting
Friday- Sleep, Josh, Beach
Saturday- Beach, back to princeton for Jackie’s, Beach
Sunday- Beach, HP, Hulk
Monday- Beach, Goodbye Girl with Mom, packing
Tuesday- Shopping, Bowling, Emlyn’s
Wednesday- Emlyn’s, Pool, Dinner, Superbad with moms


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