It’s so great to be alone in the comfort of the summer night once again. I finally feel at home with myself…more so than I have in a year. June has been this absolutely crazy whirlwind…I’m lucky I could hold on to anything at all…it all just went flying through my fingertips without a glance back. But that’s living. Being alive. I’m not afraid at all for Flying Swan…my heart is completely open and I’m ready for whatever life has to throw at me.

Bring it on.

Here I come.



A breath
A mouthful of fireflies
And a star tangled in your hair
There’s a box full of unused regrets sitting on the porch
And I wish you had been there to see the world collapse
I always wanted to be that streak of purple in the sky
20 hours ago I made love to the green shrills of summer
The shrieks in the oaks and the bumbles in the branches
And I wear my bruises like badges
From places the world has given me hickeys
From this well of compassion that someone unleashed
And I have a small bucket but it will do
To collect old memories and salvage fresh feelings
Dilapidated ties that bondage my eyes to yours
And a ringing of a bell I’ll never hear again
I am thinking of something, I know that
But I could never say what it is
I have neither the words
Nor the faintest idea
Where I am.


Friday- Graduation then party
Saturday- Marks, Royces
Sunday- Sams, Bruces, Matt’s, Brians
Monday- Hun, Bryan’s grad party
Tuesday- Graduation, Hun, Bryan
Wednesday- Hun, Choi, Orleans
Thursday- Breakfast, party —-Joshua
Friday- Toys R Us, beach
Saturday- Beach, Emlyn dinner
Sunday June 8- Josh and I’s first date…shopping, park, bed
Monday June 9- Pool, Erica Ruzic party
Tuesday June 10- Bush lunch, Janak, Jackie’s sleepover
Wednesday June 11- Choi time, sleepover Amy’s
Thursday June 12- Taking care of Janak, Josh and Julia
Friday June 13- Strawberry picking, Jess’s, Amy’s
Saturday June 14- Jenny’s, McCusker’s
Sunday- McCusker…Pool…Emlyn
Monday- NYC with Janus Players
Tuesday- Emlyn at target, Choi dinner, Josh, Janak
Wednesday- Reading HP in the park…Emlyn’s graduation
Thursday- Arcadia Orientation, painting
Friday- Sleep, Josh, Beach
Saturday- Beach, back to princeton for Jackie’s, Beach
Sunday- Beach, HP, Hulk
Monday- Beach, Goodbye Girl with Mom, packing
Tuesday- Shopping, Bowling, Emlyn’s
Wednesday- Emlyn’s, Pool, Dinner, Superbad with moms