It’s my last night in my home…the theatre…I’m sitting in Bogad’s desk and everywhere I look…everywhere…I see myself. I am etched into the surface of these walls. I am breathing in the chipping paint. I am crying tears onto the theatre blanket. I am encapsulated in this theatre. My soul is here. And in that way…I am eternal…I am ALWAYS going to be here. I can never leave. I can never truly part with this place…because it is in fact a part of me. I’m not sad…even though I was sure I was going to be a wreck. I have only good memories in this place…no…perfect memories. Golden glory days. And I will be an echo in this room for a long long time. There I am…asleep on the couch…watching Conor play guitar…painting late at night…flirting youthfully with Bobby…making out with Josh…dancing around on the stage…sitting in the audience watching a rehearsal…I see myself here. And in every molecule I am floating. And in every breath I breathe in bits and pieces of the world I helped to create. And in the lights ascending I have planted something in each and every one of them. I am growing. And I have bloomed. And the view from the top is astounding. I’ve found the way to live. And thats breathing in every single moment and pouring out your heart. I spent every moment I possibly could have in this room…and for that…I have no regrets. I made the most of my time. And that’s what it was…my time. I made a vow last year…I’m going to spend my time this way…and I have…and I will. This is just the beginning. And the end. And the eternity. But mostly…it’s my last night in the theatre…and what that really means…is just a moment. One. Perfect. Golden. Glorified. Moment.




I get it.

I’m here.

Awake and alive. Forever.


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  1. that may have been short, but it was really, REALLY beautiful. i actually had tears in my eyes… because i once knew that feeling.enjoy the time you have there. i’m sure you know by now that it goes fast. and the faster it goes, the more incredible it seems to become. but that’s the beauty of it. i think it’s like God’s way of telling us that life is too short not to live it up and make amazing rock on and just continue blazing through life like it seems you have been. ;)i love you.

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