Wow. I am so sad. So immensely sad in so many different ways.

I am completely in love and attached to a group of people that don’t reciprocate the feelings and are going to leave me soon.

I don’t know…after school was just so sad. Everyone leaving for London…made me sad. Bobby leaving for baseball…made me really sad. Bobby getting into college…making me realize that they really are going to college…and soon. And then I couldn’t find any of the theatre kids and when I did it was sort of obvious that I was intruding on their plans and all. And I just got the first glimpse of what it’s going to be like without them next year. All of my friends left before I even got to say goodbye. And then I was left…all alone. Standing at Hun not ready for time to keep going. I just wanted time to stop. Just stop. Go back. But no…the world only spins forward. Oh what a mess we are. Please go back please. I need more time. I need more. My heart can’t take this.

Oh I am so sad.


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