Really frustrating that I have no time to write. Bah blah bah.

Adorable day today. Ballet class for once. Tech. Overflowing the bathroom. Icicle and paint fights. The best hug of my entire life. Deciding maybe I’ll let myself care more than I should. Becuase those eyes are too captivating and warm. Then literally getting in the car and just driving around for hours with Jeremy and Amy. Going to the sketchiest place ever in Trenton and nearly getting shot. Scariest experience of my life. Blasting music driving down the highway. Listening to “All These Things I Have Done” with Amy and Jeremy and really feeling like I’ve come full circle in so many ways. Not sleeping over Amy’s and Sudobening for the first time in forever. Good day. And I really can’t get that hug out of my mind. Jesus.

mkuor08: You’re killing me with cuteness!
mkuor08: you have to get him
mkuor08: HAVE TO
mkuor08: or i will die

mkuor08: i think i just swooned…

  z70111741 z3293627

z66988752 z55203699

Haha this one actually freaks me out…because it’s a line from Once Upon A Mattress…but I don’t really think it’s a reference to it…but what else would it mean?

mkuor08: you live a life like a movie…


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