Angels In America is amazing. I mean actually…legitimately amazing. One of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen/read. It’s nuts and difficult to even wrap my mind around how he created these incredible characters and wove them together so complexly and intricately but incredibly beautifully. It really is all about the writing…and the dialogue…which is so bloody fantastic. Kushner has these mind blowing scenes where he intertwines the dialogue between two pairs of people in two seperate places that actually are the most incredible things I’ve ever read/heard. When you first read it or see it it’s sort of difficult to really take in all that’s going on…but then once you really think about how on earth he created this story and wrote these scenes where one pair of people finishes another pair of people’s dialogue in an entirely different setting…it truly is genius. Brilliant. Tony Kushner is possibly the greatest playwright I’ve ever heard of. Not to mention that the story itself is just…Ugh it gives me chills. And the intense connections between the different characters that don’t even know each other. Seriously the entire thing is completely mind blowing brilliance.

Finally being able to watch it put into action is a really incredible experience. After reading the play in depth and having an image of what everyone should look like in my head…to see it actually on the screen is sort of surreal but fantastic. I’m really loving this experience.

Ugh. So amazing.

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