Wow this sucks man. Why did I wait soooo fucking long to write about England? Now I don’t remember hardly any of it. Ugh. Oh well. I’ll do the best I can.

We left on tuesday the 19th. Traveling days always sort of suck…it’s sort of exciting walking out of your house to england. we just drag our stuff out of the house and walk to the dinky. take the dinky to the junction. junction to the airport. then fly 7 hours. it was a redeye but i didn’t sleep at all. read a bit of a series of unfortunate events. and began the intesive sudoku tradition. i had never played it and never thought it was very interesting but i got like completely hooked and so seirously…everywhere we would go…anytime we had free time…at dinner, on the train, at night, in the morning…me, bryan and emlyn would have intense sudoku competitions racing to get it done first. it was fun. i especially enjoyed coming in first alot of the time since it’s a mind thing and bryan and emlyn always get credited as being “smarter” even though they’re not…and even though sudoku really has nothing to do with smartness hah…i liked to pretend it did. anyway. we landed in england the next morning and i was incredibly exhausted and emlyn and cheryl and bill come to pick us up and seriously like the first thing they said was that they saw wicked WITH idina menzel last night. and i was just like wtf? i mean i understand i guess…but it wasn’t exactly the first thing i wanted to hear. like come on, i care so much more about that shit and i was like constantly asking aunt cheryl everytime i could if she could possibly get tickets since the summer until she finally told me that there was just absolutely no way and i stopped bothering her. and then they went without me? just man. that sucks hard. boo you all suck.

anyway. we dragged all of ourselves and luggage around…walking around winchester a bit…went to lunch at a cute pub…even though im exhausted and out of it…its awesome being in england those first few hours…then i was just too exhausted to do anything…so uncle bill drove me and bryan to their home for the first time. can i just say…omg. no seirously. nothing  compared to the first time i was there. like i couldn’t even believe what i was seeing. seriously. couldn’t believe. it was like out of a fairytale. absolutely incredible. like a little miniature castle. and flopping down onto emlyn’s bed after all that traveling…ugh it felt so good. i slept the rest of the day away anf then that night…watched love actually. awesome.

Thursday, December 21- hmmm. woke up. and this must have been the day we went walking around winchester. such an adorable town. went to the pound store whichreally kicked ass. found some awesome stuff. liquor chocolates. dont’ really remember much else. watched what’s eating gilbert grape that night? hmmm

Friday, December 22- London for the first time! Yay! absolutely awesome awesome. went to camden for the first time ever. and it like seriously blew my mind. like actually blew my mind. i was so overwhelmed by it’s awesomeness that I like didn’t even know what to do with myself. ermlyn was kind of ruining it though by acting all like she knew everything about it…i dont know why but thats like a huge pet peeve for me too. besides that it was awesome. like almost too awesome. like i couldnt even take it all in haha. but yeah. anyway. then we went to the portrait gallery just to see the picture of daniel radcliffe in there and was sooo satisfied when i saw it even though its just a dumb little picutre of him. its still AWESOME. it was supposed to be a painting…and suddenly it was a photograph…i’m really thoroughyl confused. anyway. then we walked back over the thames…and I’m completely serious….there are 2 places in the world that I am intensely…divinely happy. No matter what…they are my favorite places on earth. And there, I am so serene and so powerfully content…it’s not even something I can explain. Well it’s more like views…2 different views…and those are: sitting on the edge of Mountain Lake looking over the whole thing…and standing on that bridge over the Thames looking at Big Ben and the London eye. I don’t know why. I really don’t. It is just one of my favorite places on earth. I am so so so happy there. I really would just like to stand there forever. It’s beautiful. Really. Well actually…this list of favorite places was ammended to 3 over the course of the trip…but i’ll explain that one later…


Saturday, December 23- went to windsor castle. hell yeah. it was actually pretty awesome. the first castle we went to. insanely ornate and such. toured it. it’s the queen’s castle and basically it’s really really nuts. gorgeous. full of insane stuff and way overdone. but awesome. very english. very cool. then we went to a pub and then went home and such and such.

Sunday, December 24- mmm christmas eve. slept in late. did nothing. sat around watching old christmas classics. walked to a church. hahaha it was the BEST christmas service ever. soo sketchy. the priest was like on crack. seriously. on crack. and had no idea what he was doing. it was awesome. and we sang awesome songs. and silent night. which was all i needed. that’s all i need. i just love that song. anyway. then christmas dinner which was fantastic and popovers were awesome but randomly i got upset becuase everyone was making fun of me and then emlyn ate my popove which i thought was really assey of her and then she never apologized. whatever. hah. then balderdash all night yay. and me watching charlie brown christmas yay.

Monday, December 25- christmas morning was bittersweet. it’ll never be the same…but at least we’re still standing. we cuddled up in my mom’s little sleeping area and opened stockings. then wandered around the house…watched movies…can’t really remember anything else…played balderdash at night again. good good stuff. cute christmasing. oh and emlyn and i got each other the worst presents ever. hahah. no joke. but at least we’re even.

Tuesday, December 26- went to stonehenge. which was actually one of the coolest things i’ve ever seen. we drove out there and just along the highway…in the middle of a huge field…was stonehenge…like one of the most important places in the world. it was sort of amazing. and then to walk around it and od the whole tour thing…it’s absolutely amazing thinking that this was created so many thousands of years ago…it was eerie…looking over the huge, expansive meadow withthe grey sky…and the looming stonehenge…really creepily beautiful. that stuff fascinates me. hm. then we drove to avesbury where there were other stone formations as old as stonehenge…really cool shit…and huge ditches that were thousands of years old and emlyn and i ran around in them…fantastic. then we went to this awesomely old pub that had a fucking WELL like built into it…and the well was like hudnreds of years old and one of the townspeple had died in it and so emlyn and i were like seriously mezmorized…we sat at the well table for like an hour staring down into it. so creepy imagining the person at the very bottom of it. you could see into it it was amazing. basically the whole day was an eerie connection with the past. badass but creepy. basically awesome.

Wednesday, Decemer 27- WALES. Yay! pretty damn awesome. i felt so rockin this day. the trip was almost over…but so not over yet…and i was in WALES…and it was amazing there…and awesome weather…and taht was one of the first times it felt like europe. like real, raw europe. fucking awesome. so i listened to my ipod and walked the beautiful streets. we went to an adorable like indoor mallthing with all sorts of awesome stuff. we went to cardiff castle which was sort of nuts. it was decorated like INSANITY. insanity. insanity. no joke. it was absolutely beautiful though. really beautiful. and i seriously like love love castles. i’m so into that. so i loved it. then we walked around wales for a while. pubbed. went and saw the water. went into more cute little shoppnesses. everything was in english and welsh. awesome. it was sad though, cause i didn’t get a wales patch and i really wanted to. anyway wales was awesome. beautiful and intense and not really what i expected…sort of felt dirty…but it was an awesome experience.

Thursday, December 28- Ok. So basically. No lie. this was one of the greatest days/experiences of my entire life. I’m not actually exagerating…at all. I don’t even know if I can do it justice with words. Just the kind of moment…so breathtakingly beautiful…where you see the true and utter pureness of the world…the true pearl of it’s beauty. The moments that remind you, not even why to live…but why this life that you lead is stunningly beautiful.

Friday, December 29- Emlyn’s 17th birthday! Slept in late…was gonna walk around winchester and then didn’t…went to the Night at the Museum…it was enjoyaable. english movie theatres are mad cool. then went out for emlyn’s birthday dinner at the bush. enjoyable enjoyable. i loved family dinners. for the first time in years i actually felt like i was part of a family again. um yeah. then came home and opened up her presents…hah. i guess my presents were crap. and then that night we watched….oh! one of the nights we watched like mad nuts lord of the rings. that was soo much fun. we watched thewhole like 3 hour movie and then like 2 hours of the commentary with the cast and it was so fucking hilarious. OH and one of the nights emlyn and i like sketchily were in the bathroom together singing about colors. that was plesing too. and THEN on that night. we had the SKETCHIEST weirdest photoshoot of emlyn ever. like over a 100 picutres of like her torso. wtf.

i still have alot to write……

ugh man i miss it so much. i wish i was back there so much.

-i went to a chinese restaurant to buy a loaf of bread bread bread. the waiter asked me what’s my name and this is what i said said said…my name is ching chong charlie…i know karate…punch you in the body…oops im sorry dont tell my mommy close your eyes and count to 10, if you don’t i’ll kiss your boyfriend
-old babies testacles
-it was becuase of my idea and my determination that this scene got put in here
-my acting in this scene…it was just pouring out…it was like classic cinematic genius.
-the color song!!! i dont remember it though.,..

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